About us

“Clubture - Hr: program exchange and collaboration” is a long term program of Clubture Network that has been implemented continuously since 2002. The program is based on the direct collaboration among independent cultural organizations (associations, artistic organizations and informal initiatives). The organizations exchange content or jointly create and implement new partner projects through the platform. The program is focused on the long term contribution to cultural development, decentralization of culture and development of the cultural civic sector through strengthening program activities of the independent cultural scene and creating its dynamics. Also, the program makes available innovative and quality cultural content in different parts of Croatia, smaller and larger communities for various target groups, primarily the youth.

The program is based on the innovative and participative model through which collaboration projects are implemented. At least two/three organizations, one of which is the lead organization responsible for the implementation, participate in the realization of every collaboration project or tour. The partners realize jointly at least three public events in at least three different towns or cities in Croatia. Twice a year Platform Clubture regularly announces calls for proposals of projects of exchange and collaboration projects. The selection of proposed projects to be implemented in the forthcoming cycle is decided at the Assembly meeting. All organizations proposing the projects in a given cycle as wells as all member organizations of Clubture Network jointly evaluate and select the projects. Collaboration projects are implemented every year from March to December and the organizations which have successfully implemented their projects join the network as regular members.

This platform model has successfully met the challenges of the development of decentralized national distribution network since 2002 and its implementation continuously provides decentralization of culture and distribution of cultural production in different parts of the country and to various audiences. The program creates possibilities for common action of the organizations: sharing of knowledge, skills and practices, mutual support and capacity building as well as joint communication with the public and the cultural policy framework.

Until year 2016 224 collaboration projects have been implemented within the program including 270 organizations. Public events have been organized in more than 80 towns and cities across Croatia. The cultural content realized within collaboration projects belong to diverse fields of culture and arts (literature, film, new media, performing arts, interdisciplinary) and they are characterized by their contemporary, engaged and innovative features.