Clubture network permanently cooperates with organizations of independent culture in Croatia and abroad (both its members and other organizations) on implementation of various projects and programs  The implementation of activities through long-term programs and network activities have included more than 250 organizations of independent culture from Croatia and more than 100 organizations from South East European countries.

Besides cooperations in Clubture’s primary field of action, the network cooperates with numerous organizations in Croatia and abroad either on implementation of different projects and programs, or as a member of various associations and networks or through engagement with informal civil society initiatives and cultural initiatives.

Since 2003, Clubture has been a member of Croatian Youth Network, the largest association of youth organizations in Croatia.

Clubture is one of the founding members of the Zagreb based Association Operation City (2006), the local platform for improvement of the position of independent cultural and youth organizations active in the City of Zagreb.

Since 2007, Clubture has been an active member of Culture Action Europe, leading European advocacy platform in the field of culture.

Clubture is one of the founding members of Kooperativa - Regional platform for culture (2012), the network connecting independent cultural organizations from South East Europe.

Since 2014, Clubture has been an associate member of CROSOL   

Clubture is a part of the platform “Ours to Own!” active on the issues of protection of public and common goods as well as on the development of cooperative models of governance of public infrastructure.

2013 - 2017 Clubture has participated in the Connected Action for the Commons, networked program initiated by European Cultural Foundation (NL). The network works on topics such as the Commons, Public Space, Culture and Economy as a group and in their independent, diverse activities. Connected Action for the Commons is an action-research programme and network with six cultural organisations from across Europe and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) as collaborating hubs. Partners within the programme are  Les Tetes de l’Art (France), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Oberliht (Moldova), Platoniq - Goteo (Spain), and Subtopia (Sweden). Besides Clubture, cooperation also includes Alliance Operation City and the Right to the City, organizations from Zagreb, Croatia.