Structure, Governance and Managment


The network was established in 2002 by 15 independent cultural organizations from Croatia. Currently, Network has 55 member organizations (CSOs and artistic organizations) active in all areas and disciplines of contemporary art and urban culture: visual arts, drama theater and performance, contemporary music, literature, new media, experimental art and cultural practices. In addition to the members, over 200 organizations from Croatia and cca. 100 organizations from the SEE region participated in program activities of the Network, since its beginnings.

According to the Statutes, Clubture Network is structured as an alliance of independent cultural organizations (associations, artistic organizations and informal cultural and artistic collectives). The Network has regular and associate members gathered into Assembly. The Assembly is the highest governing body of the Network. Regular members include registered CSOs that have met the criteria defined by the Statutes and through special decisions of the Assembly, while associate members include artistic organizations that have met special conditions determined by the decisions of the Network Assembly.


 The Network Assembly:
- determines the Network development policy;
- adopts the Statutes of the Network and its amendments;
- adopts operative and financial plans for the following calendar year;
- adopts the activity report for the previous calendar year, as well as the annual financial report;
- adopts and amends the Network Programme;
- adopts other acts and decisions of importance for the work of the Network;
- elects and dismisses the Network Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson;
- elects and dismisses members of the Board;
- decides on joining alliances, communities, networks and other forms of affiliation between associations;
- considers and adopts the report on the activities of the Network;
- issues guidelines for the work of the Network;
- decides on changing objectives and activities, dissolution and distribution of remaining property of the Network;
- establishes and appoints working bodies as needed and determines their assignments;
- decides on accepting members into the Network and expelling them;
- adopts decisions on status changes;
- decides on resolving disputes and conflicts of interest within the Alliance;
- performs other tasks defined by the Act and the Statutes, as well as the general acts of the Network.

The Assembly convenes regularly at least once a year. An Assembly convention can be regular, electoral and extraordinary.

Other Statutory bodies to the Network are the Board, The Network Chairperson and the Network Coordinator. The management of the Network between two sittings of the Assembly is performed by the Board.

The Board:

 - elects and appoints the Network Coordinator
- drafts Network Statutes, work programme and plan, as well as strategic guidelines for the Network’s activities, which are submitted to the Assembly for consideration and adoption;
- supervises the implementation of the adopted work programme, Assembly decisions and the operations of the Network;
- manages the Network’s property;
- submits activity reports to the Network Assembly;
- establishes and appoints working bodies as needed and determines their assignments;
- elects and recalls the liquidator for the association;
- performs other tasks foreseen by the Statutes and other general acts of the Network.


 The Chairperson:

 - represents the Network;
- initiates discussions on issues that fall within the competence of the Assembly and the Board;
- is tasked with keeping the public informed about the work of the Assembly and its bodies;
- manages the work of the Assembly and the Board;
- performs other tasks determined by the Statutes.

 The Network Chairperson submits his/her activity report to the Board and the Network Assembly.

The Network Coordinator:
- coordinates overall activities and programmes of the Network;
- keeps the record of membership of the Network;
- organizes meetings of the Assembly, Board and other Network bodies;
- performs other tasks determined by decisions of the competent bodies of the Network.

The Coordinator is accountable to the Board and the Assembly.

The Network Coordinator is elected by the Board on a two-year mandate, and may also be re-elected.

Members of the Board in mandate 2016 - 2019:

Miljenka Buljević (Chairperson)
Miranda Veljačić (Vice-Chairperson)
Tomislav Domes (member)
Ljubomir Grgurević (member)