New Public Culture and Spaces of Sociability

Clubture Network implements the three-year project New Public Culture and Spaces of Sociability in collaboration with 11 partners from the Republic of Croatia.

Project description:

The project New public culture and spaces of sociability deal with the promotion of local infrastructures for cultural and social activities, while also encouraging decentralization, higher inclusivity, increased accessibility, and the development of participatory governance. The project connects those civil society organizations that are included in the processes of the foundation of social and cultural centers, the academic community, and local cultural institutions by conducting research and developing guidelines for the improvement of cultural policies. The project advocates for changes in cultural policy changes in cultural policy based on innovation in the management of cultural infrastructure in which equally participate civil society organizations, public administration, local self-government, and citizens.

The project leader is Clubture Network.

The partners in the project are Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb (Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu), Institute for Development and International Relations (Institut za razvoj i međunarodne odnose), Kaoperativa Alliance (Savez udruga Kaoperativa), the Youth Center Platform (Platforma Doma mladih), Art Workshop Lazareti (Art radionica Lazareti), Alliance of associations Molekula (Savez udruga Molekula), Rojc Alliance (Savez udruga Rojca), Kurziv – Platform for Matters of Culture, Media and Society (Kurziv – Platforma za pitanja kulture, medija i društva), Alliance Operation City (Savez udruga Operacija grad), Platform for the Social Center Čakovec (Platforma za Društveni centar Čakovec), Other Sea (Drugo more).

Aims and expected results of the project:


1. Connect civil society organizations, the academic community, and other stakeholders that deal with the practice and development of infrastructures for culture and social activities in a thematic network and enhance their capacities and networking knowledge;

2. Produce and present relevant and scientifically based knowledge related to the significance of local infrastructures for culture and social activities (public cultural centers and social and cultural centers) as well as to new models of cultural management and practices and networking in CSOs in culture, which will serve as a basis for creating guidelines for the improvement of cultural policy;

3. Develop and put on the agenda of decision-makers reasoned and scientifically based proposals for the improvement of cultural policy related to the infrastructure for culture and social activities.

Expected results:

- 13 local CSOs, participants in the activities, will develop capacities that are relevant in their field of work

- 5 local civil society organizations united in the thematic network as well as a number of other stakeholders from different sectors will be included in the thematic network until the end of the project

- 6 surveys dealing with public changes and the needs of society will be conducted

- 3 researches will be conducted

- 4 scientific articles will be published

- 2 professional articles will be published

- 6 guidelines for the development of evidence-based public policies will be developed

- 6 analyses of the social impact of the proposed interventions will be conducted

- 6 structured dialogues between all stakeholders and decision-makers will be held

The total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU:

The project New Public Culture and Spaces of Sociability is sub-financed by the European Union's European Social Fund, Operational Program Efficient Human Resources. The total amount of the project is 3,598,938.43 HRK, of which 85% is provided by the European Social Fund, while 15% by the state budget of the Republic of Croatia.

Project implementation period:

The project is conducted from October, 29th 2020 until October, 29th 2023.

Contact person:

Project manager: Ana Abramović

Contact: clubture@gmail.com